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Service Intelligence - Value Realisation by Design

Service Intelligence, is a collaborative best practice service model for IT, shared services and other business support organisations.  Closing the gap between the service teams and the business to co-create value and ensuring a focus on the structure and dynamics of the organisation and its goals.  This in turn leads to a more collaborative design process and effective transition to operational delivery through a process called Design to Operate

Service Intelligence is scalable and adaptable, building a common framework for excellence in customer service and optimising business operations. Imagine IT, HR, Trade Compliance, Legal, Finance, Facilities collaborating on a common platform. Efficiencies gained through a single source of truth that enables business agility and accountability.

With the stability created through the Design to Operate method comes agility. Realising value for the business through collaboration and transparency, a better customer experience whilst offering operational efficiencies and managing costs.

The root of Service Intelligence is enabling data consistency which is leveraged through Business Intelligence (BI), enabling organisations to strategise and execute through data driven decisions, leading to efficiencies and improved performance, enabling change to be executed quickly and without excessive bureaucratic processes. 

I have seen the mistakes and experienced the fallout that can happen through silo working, technical debt, customers not working  with IT, IT not listening to customers, ultimately failing to deliver on the business goals. Service Intelligence was created to combine lessons learnt with modern working practices, co-creating value through services that are customer and value driven.

Do you want to know more about Service Intelligence? Read the whitepaper "Service Intelligence - Value Realisation by Design".


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Service Intelligence, Design to Operate, D2O, IRON CI have been created by Clive Porter-Brown. 

Ask me about Service Intelligence and Design to Operate today; Let us discuss how your business can benefit from a collaborative shared operating model with business ready services that traverse the organsiation.

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A series of Whitepapers and articles have also been published on LinkedIn. These look at some of the challenges of transforming businesses that are encountered such as; Stakeholder engagement, understanding the different shared models, assesing and managing impact of change on people, shift-left and self help, managing resistance and the danger of the "Big bang".



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