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PDF File  Service Intelligence - Value Realisation by Design
Value is a word often used but more often misunderstood. So how does Service Intelligence break this paradigm?

This paper looks at how service management practices can be aligned to business activities and improve visibility of activities, sharing working practices and improve efficiency of operations through a truly collaborative approach. 


PowerPoint Presentation Aligning Culture and Strategy for Digital Transformation Digital Transformation is so much more than shifting to the cloud. It is a business project that requires the culture of the business to change just as much as the technology, in so doing adopting new ways of thinking and working practices. In this presentation I look at the cultural impact as well as options to achieve the desired change.


PDF File The Cost of Unintended Consequence
Things happen for a reason, whether intended or not. service mangement practices can be applied to more than just technology.
PDF File The Value of Service Management
Where does Service Management fit into the modern technology landscape and what impact does it play in enabling the business?
PDF File Time Marches On
Engagement is key for success and without a supporting stakeholder is sure to end in failure. Yet each of our stakeholders has a different motivation for engaging and understanding this is essential to create successful outcomes.
PDF File Are you Receiving me
Communication is a two way process and key across all that we do including requirements gathering, conveying decisions, hearing the voice of the customer.
PDF File Harmony in My Head
We all have a value system that determines our decisions and actions. How then do we create and communciate a set of shared values that we can all get behind and bring peopel together to a common cause?

PDF File Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes
At the time that the Covid pandemic hit, business was faced with the dilemma of how to continue to function whilst dealing with the issues of a displaced workforce. This is the challeneg fo organisational change. What then would the future hold for this new way of working?
PDF File Change Becomes Us
Change is not enough to just say it; to make change happen, we must be the change. In so doing it is necessary to address the "what's in it for me?" and find the motivation that appeals to all.
PDF File The Shared Service Challenge
Just as no one business is the same, the same can be said of shared services. Embarking on a shared service strategy can offer significant advantages provided it is done so with an udnerstanding of what the model entails and appropriaet mitigations are put in place to help ensure its success.
PDF File More to this than meets the eye
Are service models properly understood and supported? When proposing a new service, are the behind the scenese services managed that enable the success of what the customer wants factored into the model?
PDF File Today Will Not Be the Same as Yesterday
A reflection on the challenges of job hunting and the parallels with organsation change management, introspection and the value of lessons learnt.
PDF File The Legend of Kip Cave
Who is Kip Cave? Knowledge is Power Completely Against Virtually Everything. Resistsors exist in evry organisation but that does not mean their influence has to be nageative. Who are the resistors in your organisation and how do you manage them to make them a positive influence?
PDF File A Proposition you can't Refuse
Balancing demands against what must be done without significant disruption to daily operations is an ongoing challenge for continuous imrprovement.
PDF File Hold that Thought
An abstract view on the lifecycle. Ideas are the seed of innovation, so how do we capture, asses that is the right thing to do and then convert to something tangible? The idea is adopted and enters the pipeline to make it real. How will that idea be brought to reality and who will do the work? What are the relationships to other services or existing services performing some simiar functions? What next after go live and how do we impriove on where we are?
PDF File My Antidote to Anarchy
What does it take to establish a predictable and repeatable service operation? Bringing technology closer to the business means that technology and those that deliver must be part of the business also. Adopt the language and adapting methods to match with how things happen in the workplace increases understanding and improves the likelihood of adoption.
PDF File Physician Heal Thyself
Self-Help and the shift-left are part of improving the customer expeirence and minimising the impact of issues encountered. What though of the knowledge systems themselves and what does it take to to improve the quality of the content and the usefulness to the intended audience?
PDF File Is it all just a Question of Balance
Bringing together traditional service management and agile practices to create a modern service management practice that is future fit.



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